• 1. IPTV
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  • 1. What is IPTV

    IPTV is internet protocol television , the TV stations and programs , movies are all are delivered via a digital internet stream instead of traditional Ariel or satellite dish , to your TV or device connected to your TV, this can be a set top box or your phone or tablet iphone or ipad , almost any device , its versatile and mobile , you just need an internet connection and a subscription

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  • 2. Can I use my own mag box with your IPTV service

    Yes you can use your own mag box , in fact any set top box Zgemma and many more

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  • 3. Can I use both my ZGemma box or other set top box eg mag  254 and laptop with one subscription ?

    No I am afraid not
    We have two groups

    1. 1. Applications that can be installed on multiple devices
    2. 2. set top boxes tied to the server via mac

    Applications connect to server with a  a user name  and pass that is included in a URL that we send to clients and there is no limit to the number of devices
    but the system will only allow one login per subscription so can only view on one device at a time

    Set top boxes use mac address which is unique and this ties the box to the server and is the only device you can use

    So for a lap top and ZGemma box you will need two subscriptions
    This would also apply to any set top box eg:- mag 254 and an ipad would also be two subscriptions

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  • 4. With A Subscription Can I Use More Than One device ?

    well that depends on what device your using and what group :– apps or set top box

    1. If your using an app on any device then yes you can use your subscription on as many devices  as you want to and anywhere is the world too. but you can only watch the iptv on one device at  a time with one subscription .  so if you want to watch it on two devices at the same time , you will need two subscriptions
    2. Set  top boxes are  tied to the server via mac and is the only device you can use with one subscription
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  • 5. Does your IPTV service work in my country ?

    Quite simply YES  the service is world wide and works in all countries all that is required is an stable internet connection
    But please NOTE:-  some internet service providers do however block IPTV  and for this you might need a vpn to get round the block
    we will be providing vpn routers in our online store for this soon !!

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  • 6. what are differences between SILVER & GOLD IPTV packages

    Gold has :-
    1). 7 days catch up TV on 20 plus  channels with  more being added (works on set top boxes only )
    2) Local stream feeds on most popular channels this increases stability and reliability
    3) The channel Line up is different for example Gold  doe not have Arabic channels but silver does
    4) Gold has option for multi room discount meaning if you have more than one subscription it works out cheaper
    5) Gold has more VOD although silver should catch up soon
    6) Gold is slightly more expensive

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  • 7. Do You Have Catch-Up TV On Your IPTV Service

    We have two IPTV systems GOLD & SILVER

    GOLD has catch-up SILVER  does not

    Also please note :-
    Catch – up TV only works on mag 250 /254 / 256 boxes and some other set top boxes and STB emulators It does not work on apps EG:- does not work on smart IPTV

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