Help !! my tv is buffering & freezing

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Help !! my tv is buffering & freezing

This can be caused by one or more number of problems
As a general rule if it is just one channel or a small group of channels from the same country and all other channels are working ok then this could be a fault at our end with the iptv so please report it and we will check fix it
But if it is all channels then is most likely an internet issue
This means that between you and the iptv Tv server there is a fault causing this buffering
There are a few things you can try
1st Check channels list to see which ones are affected

0. Reboot all your devices including set top box and internet routers
0. Try an alternative channel from another service provider
0. Try changing your dns settings , eg and or see google for instructions
0. Try an alternative device other than the one you are using , this can eliminate many problems , if this fixes the issue it will require tests to see what the fault is
0. Try the iptv on a smart phone connected on 3G or even better 4G if this works then this proves your Internet has a fault or some type of restriction
0. Contact your internet service provider to see if there are any problems

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