Satellite Dishes & Prices

For Uk english Tv in surrounding areas we recommend the famaval 1.8m or as some installers state incorrectly as a 1.9m supplied and fitted from €500 for used dishes  and new dishes  from €750 This is the ultimate perfect solution  to receive english tv as far south as sorbas and north of albox the further north you go the stronger the signal and dish size can be reduced  see our map for detailed coverage of 1.9m fam dish coverage ,  click on thumbnail  the circle indicates the area where 1.9 dishes work fine , south of the circle requires a bigger 2.4m dish and also in the direction towards baza due to the signal decrease , in cities further south towards  Almeria the signal drops rapidly  and beyond the signal is far to weak for certain tv channels  via satellite even 3m dishes , no one has tested 6m dishes that we know of 1.9 famaval coverage map
  • 2.4m famaval dishes fitted from  €1400 ( floor mount only no cable  )
  • 1.9m famaval dishes fitted from  €500 (excludes cable, used dish )
  • 1.9m famaval NEW dishes with twin LNB fitted from  €750 (excludes cable )
  • 1.4 dishes fitted from POA
  • 1.2m dishes (used ) fitted from  €120
  • 1.m dishes fitted from  €120
  • 60cm dishes fitted from  €90
  • Dish alignment from €25
Complete Systems
  • Intelsat907 27.5ºW BBC (includes used 1.2 dish , Diseqc ,  satellite receiver, cable , LNB, etc ) fully fitted and operational  from €250
Installations Include lnb & 10m of cable unless stated different