What is the best device to watch iptv on ?

IPTV is becoming more popular every day

With more and more people turning to IPTV for  their TV viewing the question on every ones lips is what is the best device ?
we are going to be  dealing with this today with all the for`s and against for each device we recommend
IPTV can be viewed on a multitude of devices from set top boxes to your smart phone and this can be  split into two groups
1.Set top boxes OR  2.Applications
With nearly all IPTV providers if you use a ( STB  ) set top box or ( STB  ) emulator then that's going to be the only device you can use to view the iptv service ,
This is not the same when using an app of which there are many for lots of different devices EG:- SMART TV´S , IOS , ANDROID, PHONES , TABLETS , IPADS , AND MORE ---
Apps log onto the IPTV service with a user name and password which means you can use any number of devices to view the IPTV  service as long as you only use one device at a time , this is not the same for all providers so you might want to check this before you take out a subscription 
So if you want to keep it simple and watch your IPTV in one location on one device then you can not beat a set top box , they are very easy to use and you also get the benefit of catch up TV if that's part of the service from the provider

If you want more freedom to make your IPTV  subscription more versatile and mobile ! then an app might suit you better , you could have it installed on your  smart TV at home and also on your mobile for when your on the move


Smart TV

I am going to give this the number one slot & the reason is quite simple , we all need a TV right !! 
With a smart TV you can install all your apps and connect to almost anything on the internet so avoiding costs for extra equipment and set top boxes that's  why its number one in my book
there are two main players :- Samsung and LG i prefer the LG but it would be wise to compare the specs as some models  can lag a bit when connecting to VOD services

LG Smart TV

Amazon Fire TV Stick

If it was not for the extra costs involved this would be number one , It is a very good device for internet streaming
you can install any number of apps like kodi or apps for IPTV

Amazon Fire TV Stick

MAG 254/256

The very popular mag set top boxes have a lot going  for them,  it connects you to a world of entertainment from  Surfing the Internet OR you tube with the inbuilt app or  access to on-demand IPTV  services, which are just a few of the impressive features of this set top TV box , complete with  remote and HDMI connectivity

Mag 254

Mag 254W1

Mag 256

Mag 256W1

Apple TV

Apple’s set-top box is great for connecting your  ISO devices  (iPhone / iPad ) to your TV AND  its now 4rd generation and quite affordable , you simply install an IPTV app and configure the app to connect to your IPTV subscription service and then air play to your  apple TV

Apple TV 4K